November 28, 2009
You said you loved me
You laughed in my face
When I say I love you
You say hahaha
Do you think it’s a joke?
That I say I love you
Yet I don’t laugh
When you say I love you
Maybe I should
I don’t believe your words anymore
You don’t love me
All you did was say it
So you could get something
Yes we did it
I thought you loved me
And all through that night
All I heard you say was
How could you?
How could you laugh at me
After that night
After that long night
After I committed myself to you
How could you!?!
And all you say is hahaha
I can’t stay in your arms
I can’t commit myself to you anymore
I can’t say I love you anymore
I can’t
I’m done
I’m done with you
I’m done with your pain you cause
I’m done being hurt
I’m done!
I’m gone
I left
You won’t see me again
We will never have another encounter
You won’t have to see the heart you broke
Just forget me

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