My Dragons and Unicorns

November 28, 2009
<3 Deep in the dark world, called my mind.
You sit.
You are there with me forever, aren't you?
You say yes.
I hear you.
I do.
They say you aren't there.
THEY always say things like that.
But I know the truth.
You are there.
Always there.
When I sleep.
When I eat.
"It's all just so childish!"
I hear mother scream towards me.
But she,
She is the child.
For she does not believe in you!
I tell her,
you help me.
She denies me!
She says you must go.
She takes me, somewhere...
where a man sits in his chair,
he asks me questions,
about you!
He must surely believe me!
I tell them you are a dragon and a unicorn,
Trapt in the deep in the dark world called my mind.
I tell him,
you want out.
To fly free!
He laughs.
"I hear them!"
I scream.
He still does not believe me!
A tear streams down my face,
while I listen.
His words cut.
My heart breaks.
"They are not real!"
He tells me harshly.
I do not believe.
You are real, aren't you?
I hear nothing.
He must have scared you, I'm sorry.
I listen harder.
Nothing but silence and deep thoughts about this terrible man.
I soon leave his room, he tells me to come back soon.
I give him my evil eyes.
I will not!
For he took you.
and I loved you.
my heart is broken, and it's his fault!
Who will I cry to?

Days pass.
No ones there.
It's empty,
you are gone...
"I love you"
I whisper.
I know you will never sit deep in the dark world, I call my mind.
You are gone

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