I am Sixteen

November 28, 2009
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I can’t be seen with others
I screw myself on weekends
And screw my life while I’m at it
I chug down some Jack Daniel
Play around with the Grey Goose
And finish the night off with a hit
Monday morning rings a bell
And deafens me
Oh darn, I forgot
APUSH exam third period
No big deal

I’ll just skip
My mother is buried
In my bullsh*t
And frankly, I don’t give
She’s my creator, she’s the one to blame
My father isn’t in the picture
Too bad
Maybe if he was
I wouldn’t be so screwed up
As I am now
Don’t you dare look at me
With those worried eyes
And pouted cheeks
I despise sympathy
And will not be weakened
By plat formed love
I am sixteen
And I know what’s best for me

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