color studies

November 28, 2009
By Anonymous

you are the weary shade of blue
that i cannot bring myself not to admire
you are the tired curve of my shoulders as i murmur to the phone
you are the connection i can't (that i don't want to) bring myself to break.

every shade of gold in every spot of light
reminds me of the carefree (careful) twist of your too long hair
and every bright noise
reminds me of your careless gait - the heaviness of your footfalls
contrasting with the easy upward curl of your lips

this is the most painful thing i've ever loved -
your strength, your courage, your grace -
and the most uncertain battle that i've ever fought

i want the pale shades of sunlight to lighten
the darkened colors of your world
but there are some things i cannot save you from (most things)
and the muddled monochrome of your own vision
has led you far from what was once
the safety of home

The author's comments:
i love her

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