November 28, 2009
By Anonymous

He broke down the solid wall that surrounded my heart,
The wall that only a few were allowed to pass through
Alas, I could see the world around me,
The colors that had been leached away by the shadows of my wall, now vivid
Then he changed before my eyes and I no longer knew how I had let him through
So I sent him away, to protect my heart
And even though he was no good for me, the colors of my world dimmed
But the wall stayed down, for I realized the beauty of love
Now my heart is open for residents or even visitors
But no one even looks my way as I watch them pass
I’m afraid to reach out and get their attention, but I know I must eventually
For my heart grows lonelier every day
Oh, I still have my residents of years past, the ones who came before him
But they cannot love me the same way.
So I wait for someone to approach and ask to enter.
And while I wait, I watch for someone I may open the door for,
And maybe even ask to come in.

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