She's On a Train with a One-Way Ticket to Losing Me

November 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you remember the innocence?
The way that everyone else took the blame?
Now a-days, there’s no virtue,
Only regret and shame.

No longer are there nap times
Or cookies and milk to share,
Now there’s only flat irons, makeup,
And girls who claim they don’t care.

Do you remember the careless summers?
Nothing mattered, except the wind in your hair.
Now those months are packed,
Barely a single moment to spare.

On that one day each year,
You soak up the spotlight as all eyes are on you.
Birthdays used to be magical,
Only cake. Oh! and presents, too.

Do you remember the boy who had cooties?
That you didn’t even want to touch?
Boys have become the essence of your being,
The ones who never fail to make you blush.

Your only dream was to be like Cinderella,
Or to have Peter Pan whisk you away to Neverland.
Dreams are now filled with i-Phones and fame.
When did your imagination become so bland?

Do you remember your lost best friend?
How she drifted from your life?
While you stood back,
And watched her take the spite.

The Disney Store has long since been replaced
With Abercrombie and Fitch,
When did you feel the need
To become such a b*tch?

Do you remember Halloween?
When the point was to look scary?
Well, you still frighten me,
But because of the lack of clothes you’re wearing.

When everything was wrong,
You knew you could always turn to Mom.
Now, when the war breaks out,
Do you feel that those times are gone?

Do you remember me?
Do you notice me at all?
Because you barely even recognize
When I’m about to fall.

When you didn’t have texting,
You could live without it.
Whenever I see you now,
Your phone is attached at your hip.

You grew up way too fast.
The urge to become an adult
Hit you so hard
You don’t even recognize the faults.

Lesson learned.

Barbies turn into boyfriends,
Crayons turn into eyeliner,
And before you know it,
The little things become a minor.

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