I Am In School.

December 3, 2009
Period one.
My english teacher's determined.
He's also quite pushy.
I mean this in a good way of course.

Period two.
My civics teacher's real fun.
She's also quite "interesting."
I mean this in sincere way of course.

Period three.
This is gym, sometimes a study.
My teacher's don't bother me.
I'm not so concerend.

Period four.
My teacher's such a kid.
She's also quite loud.
And I love her class, as science is my
favorite subject.

Period five.
My teacher's quite motivating.
She speaks with confidence and ease.
And I love her class, because she loves my

Period six.
This is band. And Mr. K is too jumpy.
I love our sounds and music.
Just not his sudden outbursts.

Period seven.
I thought I could do well in this subject.
But algebra isn't my thing.
Mr. P. is helpful, I just need more help.

Period eight.
This is my last class. Not one of my
favorites, but not my least.
Mr. T's a bit off.
I mean this in a good way of course.

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