When I <3 Someone

November 23, 2009
When I <3 someone
my love for them
never changes,
and I wish I could move
on but I can’t
my heart isn’t
ready to move on to another.

I wish my heart could
and I tried but
I cannot move on
cause I only want
you in my life
today and

I tried a million
times to set
my heart free and
let someone else
into my heart but
the doors will
never open
cause the only person
in my heart is you and I
wish you could see how
I feel, but you are stubborn
and will not listen,
you say “That you are to busy”
and then you say “Sorry I was hanging out
with my friends”, and it’s like you
never cared!

It’s like you are in your
own world and you don’t
love me and then you
ask me “What’s the matter”
and I reply “Nothing”,
cause I am afraid
and “Sorry,if you really got upset”.

I don’t mean to make
you mad but that is my
only chose to do
but all I can say
is “Sorry”.

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