November 22, 2009
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I'm lost with no aid, I'm flushed of the tears that notify my fears that are realized,

And I realize, that every single thought that I theorized

are just forgotten and for every strange saying that's left rotten

For every odd gaze into the eyes of someone that I've gotten

my heart skips a beat so loud it hurts

It hurts because I can't divert the way I feel

I just sit back make an appeal and hope to heal

But I can't feel I curse and curse till that lonely heart bursts

and for every wrong choice

It hurts to comfort because the only way to comfort

is to choose

and I realized I'm the person

that's always destined to lose

but not to lose to you

but just plain lose you

It's like they say one thing but they always see through you

call you names and you think it means something

when in the end they see another guy and it amounts up to


depressing thoughts that I'm repressing

equal my aggression in a love filled recession

and stop my progessing like an antidepressive

misleading phrases deciving ideas send phases that I'm recieving leave me underachieving

and deepening in the wounds that my pain seeps in through

I walk my own long path now

with or without you

I just wanted you to see me with you

at least for one moment

at least for all I've done for you

it'll equal my atonement

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