The Pain

November 22, 2009
By witnes27 GOLD, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
witnes27 GOLD, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
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The pain is strong it never fades
It holds its grip won't go away
It lashes out against my heart
Its talons are forever sharp
This pain was here when life began
And the pain will stay here till the end

The pain is scratching for my life
The pain consumes me with a bite
The pain has stole my heart and soul
What’s left is just an empty hole
I hate the pain that’s forced on me
But soon the pain will no longer be

I'm quickly slipping through the cracks
What’s left of me has now collapsed
I'm in a pile on the floor
As hollow as a prison door
Then something rushed inside the space
And a new pain has took its place

The pain is hatred pure and sharp
That will protect my feeble heart
This new found pain is my new start
The hatred rising will not stop
But as quickly as this new pain came
The hatred left me to fade away

Now I'm surrounded by an empty sound
That fills the world to which I'm bound
I'm left alone to fix what’s left
Even though it’s not for the best
And then I feel at peace once more
Till the pain arrives back at my door

The pain is strong it never fades
It chokes me off with a silver blade
The pain will keep its hold on me
The pain will never let me be
The pain will slowly take my life
Until the pain has won this fight

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