Why Am I Here, I Am Here.. [Part 2]

November 22, 2009
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I am here for a reason.
I am here to find out.
What it is that I’m looking for,
The “thing” I live without.

Change has been found
And love has set in.
Is this what I was looking for,
The “thing” I needed within?

My hand has been held,
My lips have been kissed.
Is this the “thing” I was looking for,
The “things” that I had missed?

My treasure was stolen
And my prince came and gone.
This wasn’t what I was looking for,
But those things are done.

Now I’m running in a circle,
Wondering why am I here?
Still looking, searching for that “thing”,
That I need with me dear.

Hello boy…
Did you say that you love me?
I think I found the “thing”
And he’s what God’s sent me.

I found out why I’m here.
It’s to love and be loved.
Now I can live my life,
Like I had so longed.

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