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November 21, 2009
By Charader BRONZE, Alta Loma, California
Charader BRONZE, Alta Loma, California
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"If you have nothing you would die for, then what do you have to live for?" MLK

Emotions are an interesting thing, no?
They're not always black and white
And theres no way to turn them on and off
They can be confusing
They can hurt
Emotions are something that makes us human
But we cannot always act on them
We cannot always control them
We do not always make the best choices using them
But we have them

A bond formed through emotions?
A bond strengthened by emotions?
A bond strengthened by memories created together?
A bond shared
A bond cherished

If one friend leaves
Do they begin to fade?
Does the one become little more than a memory?
If the bond of friendship is strong
Does the absence even matter?

If one friend cares for another but the other cares for another,
Is standing back and supporting the one a mark of a friend?
Even when it hurts?
Even when you feel like crying?
Even when you watch your friend with another person
And your heart feels like breaking?
Even when you feel alone?

Is that the mark of a true friend?
Being supportive?
Regardless of your own feelings
No matter what?

I don't have an answer
Do you?

Friends are important
Cherish them

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on Jan. 10 2010 at 2:26 am
Jtrombetti1010 GOLD, Salt Lake, Utah
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I just read your last article, and these two are kinda really really similar.

I think it starts well, but it's sort of repetetive and again i think too much is given away at the end with the "cherish them" bit.

I think it could do well to be more like the last one, and to take the same advice i gave on the last as well.


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