Time For A Change

November 21, 2009
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America America
Why Do We Hate
When We Can Love
Why Do We Tear Each Other Down
Instead Of Buildig Them Up
Why do we judge one another
When we all need to take a look at ourselves
Why do we kill each other
With our hateful words
Why do we lie
When we can tell the truth
Why do we fight each other
When we can fight together
Why do we discriminate
When we are all equal

America America
It is time for a change
Dr.King Jr.,Ms.Rosa Parks,and many more
put their lives on the line for us
How do we repay them
by hating,killing,and discriminatin

It is time for a change
Riht here,Right now
I choose to be a better person
I choose to love my enemies
I choose to make a change
What is your choice?

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