To Escape The Memory

November 21, 2009
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Once upon an eerie twilight, emotions evolved; became fright.
Desolate clouds of mystery overshadowed smoldering embers.
I breathed in slowly; a tear left my weeping, wondering eyes.
Ambiguous history, worsened by this cold November,
So broken, thus so fragile, worsened by this cold November.
Silence; do you remember?
Thoughts develop in my mind, pensive; so carefully entwined.
A secret designed to wake even death itself from a deep slumber,
Was it not your genius plan to make reality forbidden?
Facing the truth would ensure that we watch the lies dismember.
If I knew, I would ensure that we’d watch the lies dismember.
Perhaps you do remember.

Struggling conversation; your eyes are always confirmation.
Yet hidden feelings still prevail; confusion is how they describe her.
If we dared to agree to a resolve, would anything change at all?
My heart searches for answers, something to make me less somber
Optimism illuminates, certainly, thoughts less somber.
Please, please, don’t misremember.

Distant gloom removes its shackles; crimson fire heats and crackles.
A smile steals its way across the lips of the face of its wearer,
The warmth becomes a blanket, consoling all the previous despair.
Any melancholy fellow, would be an unjust robber,
Taking away fleeting bliss, he would be an unjust robber.
Listen dear, you remember.

The heat dies down and says goodnight, the flames will soon be out of sight.
The moon stands pompously while twinkling stars shine down without a number,
Everything is becoming enveloped by the calming darkness.
Slowly wandering into the dreams of an adventurer,
Peace lets me wander into the dreams of an adventurer.
Hush. Slowly, we remember.

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