Never Leaving

November 21, 2009
My tears blended in,
With the rain.
I couldn't tell one from the other.
I sank to the ground,
And curled into a ball on my side.
I felt the rain drip down my cheek.
I sat up and asked myself,
"What am I doing?"
I rose to my feet,
And ran.
I ran all the way across town,
To his house.

I climbed the tall familiar tree,
That we would often sit in together,
To watch the sunset.
I glanced back at his window,
And saw a light on.
I carefully walked across the plank that led to his window,
And knocked on it.
I never thought that it would sound so loud.
He opened his window,
And grabbed my hand to help me in.
He handed me a t-shirt,
So I would have something dry,
And wrapped me in a blanket.
He sat next to me on his bed,
Wrapped his arms around me,
And kissed the top of my head.
"I love you," he whispered,
For the first time.
"I love you too," I heard myself say.
I meant it.

As he held me,
He told me he'd never leave,
And as I looked into his eyes,
I knew he meant it.

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