November 21, 2009
By Anonymous

They cover my body
And they’re always there in the back of my mind
Taunting me
Telling me that I’m not worth it
But I know I am worth it
Because they show people what I’ve been through
The pain and sorrow that I’ve endured
But I didn’t give up
These scars on my body show that I am courageous
They prove to my enemies that I don’t give up
That I will not back down
These scars show that I am strong
And I will never let someone’s words hurt me
Because the only one opinion that matters is Gods
He will guide me through the bad times
And he will not falter
He does not deprive
He gives life and only that
He gives us happiness but with challenge
And these are my challenges
These scars that mark my skin
Only prove to people that God loves me
And he is sending me happiness
These scars are only temporary
They do not last
Because my skin will heal
And my happiness will come

The author's comments:
scars was written when i still was cutting myself and now that i have stopped i feel like a free person and this poem reminds me of how stron i am

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