Power of Love(sadness)

November 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Why so powerful?
When hearts are shattered, it remains, scurrying all over, trying to fit the pieces back together.
It is your immortal being deep inside, sleepless and tied to your every thought.
It works tediously every day and night, hiding its works from your sight.
It can be limp, broken and crippled, yet still fighting with all its strength.
Forgotten or ignored it will wait for the day light is shown upon it.
And even after days.
After months.
After years.
It'll take that glimmer of light and explode it like fireworks in a night sky, revealing every moment,
Every breath,
Every touch when it lived happily inside you.
And as you look upon those tired, damp eyes you begin to wonder,
Is there anything really more powerful than love?

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