Community College

November 21, 2009
By kiwoods09 BRONZE, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
kiwoods09 BRONZE, Pleasant Hill, Iowa
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College should be likened to a donkey,
It has everything including honkies,
It's stubborn in curriculum,
And it has old people eating plums.
College is comparable to beef jerky,
Even though sometimes they serve turkey,
All the way through it's tough and chewy,
And sometimes I want it to go Ka-Blooey.
College could be compared to a summer's day,
But even shakespeare wouldn't want it that way,
Because it's not hardly as pleasant,
Unless of course you were a peasant.
Maybe College could be like a toilet?
If you try too hard you can soil it,
And while college can't be cleaned,
It certainly is a little fiend!
Is college like a closet then?
Full of things discovered when,
You throw things out for the spring?
Oh what a melancholy thing!
College is certainly like a theif,
Wracking through your money like Leif,
I can't imagine how it is in universities,
If I'm only stuck in a community.

The author's comments:
I go to a community college, so this isn't really a diss on it because I love the college. Leif, is a reference to Leif Erickson.

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