Everyone Says

November 21, 2009
Everyone says, "Pull it together."

[How can I pull it together when I don't know where the pieces are hidden?]

Everyone says, "We'll make it."

[Who are you trying to convince, yourself or me?]

Everyone says,"Don't quote me."

[Well I will quote you, I love you.]

Everyone says,"Don't believe everything you hear."

[Then what am I to believe, the voices that echo in my head like lullabies?]

Everyone says,"Don't question authority."

[I will question all I f***ing want, but yet nothing is ever the right answer.]

Everyone says,"Don't wear your heart on your sleeve."

[Its so worn down, you can barely see it anymore. Happy yet?]

Everyone says.....Everyone says...
"Don't Trust Me."

[I'll have to follow the advice everyone gives from now on. Learned from the damn best.]

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