Between Hues (Blue Mind)

November 20, 2009
So am I to shine or decline?
Am I to glide over deep electric blue fins
Or to soar, ruffling the jay’s denim feathers?
I haven’t a clue
So I wander between the two.

Slowly, Slowly,
I am drifting.

No direction, no cause, no endstop in sight.
Over the sapphire ocean’s surface
I rest on my back, arms outstretched
While white cotton becomes drenched, consumed
By tinges of liquid azure.
And once clear eyes begin to reflect
The baby blue hue of the sky above.
And while I gaze at the powdered blue,
My Eyes glazing over with a light teal frost,
The skies’ eyes look down and into me,
Blankets my mind in a bright haze.

Slowly, Slowly,
I am sinking.

The navy depths of the ocean below
Reach and pull,
Beckoning mind and soul.
Indigo tentacles tug me deeper,
And I quietly oblige.
Pink skin becomes mottled with cobalt shadows
While royal eyes fix on white light blue stars
Shimmering just above the surface,
Their call too muted for me to reply.

Slowly, Slowly,
All things turn blue
Until the midnight depths of the sea
Have turned sky into a distant memory.

Am I alive,
Or just trying to dive,
To delve further into this blue mind?

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