The Joys of Boyhood

November 20, 2009
By Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
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The excitement of flying from place to place
With little colored orbs of fairies trailing along,
Waiting to shoot down Wendy.
The evil little orb, maliciously waiting…
Killing in a fairy tale?
Competition for her Peter?
“No kisses for you, Wendy…”
She plots as a wicked smile spreads across her porcelain face,
Wringing her petite doll hands in victory.
What about Peter?
The boy who flies around London,
Saving children and taking them to Neverland-
Sorry, Peter, but that’s NOT a good idea:
Does the word ‘kidnapped’ mean anything to you?
The boy who doesn’t want to grow up,
And for good reason:
For now, you’re just a little boy in tights.
If you grew up, you’d be a man.
A man in tights, like
Robin Hood.
There’s some initiative for you,
If you insist on wearing them.
Just remember –
Boyhood is a good thing,
Minus the tights.
Not pleasurable, but it will happen:
Everybody has to grow up sometime.
This isn’t Wonderland.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by reading a cynical fairy tale poem in which the ugly truths behind the story came out in a matter-of-fact way, and I attempted to try this style.

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