November 20, 2009
By Lizisntfromhere BRONZE, Clarence, New York
Lizisntfromhere BRONZE, Clarence, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"The hardest thing in life is giving when you want so much to take"

Beauty, midnight, vision dies:
Black streaked skies.
Patterned rooftops gleam with the dawn licked dew.
Leaning outside my window the smell of you-
skips past me with fleeting, sporadic frequency.
Tumbled leaves scurry across the street, making soft scratching
noises with their feet.
The moon, close and bright blurs as rain begins to pelt the ground.
My quivering hands grip the windowsill as I lengthen my torso outside,
feeling the crisp, comforting air rush over me, ecstatically consumed for a second.
I lift my legs up, grappling at the edge one moment, but the next I am sitting on the sill, and with
hands gripping the wood, I push off and land neatly in the settled, softened grass.
Rocking to my feet I stand and observe my window from the ground,
The chandelier still hangs, glassy with gold, many feet above me.

First line: W.H. Auden

The author's comments:
I wrote this, in a sense, in an attempt to express the extreme spirtual connection i feel with nature. Almost every night i lean out of my bedroom window, wishing i could leap so deftly to the ground, unharmed, and join nature in it's celebration of night. With the crisp, cold air the fills most nights i feel connected, but still seperate, as if it's unreachable. I hope I'm not the only person who feels this disconnect with nature, this longing for a true connection. I think many people, unsure of their faith or spiritual desires will be able to relate to the concept of yearning for a more concrete cohesion between man and nature. The first line of my poem, contributed to W.H. Auden, a brilliant poet has written many haunting, beautiful pieces from which i was inspired to write this poem, he got me started with the first line, something i couldn't seem to come up with myself, and it grew, as any poem does, to something decipherable.

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