Middle School

November 20, 2009
By Meg Kaiser SILVER, Clarence Center, New York
Meg Kaiser SILVER, Clarence Center, New York
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I’m starting Middle School tomorrow!
Isn’t it great?
I’m so grown up now,
Ready to take on the world!
I’ll make so many new friends!
Oh my goodness I can’t wait!
6th grade will be AWESOME!!!


Well. I survived.
They didn’t tell me it would be like this.
They told me it would be fun.
They lied.
Maybe 7th grade will be better.


It wasn’t better.
It was worse.
Apparently 7th grade is where they send you to get the last drops of joy squeezed out of your soul like orange juice on the breakfast table of HELL.
So much for grades.
So much for learning.
So much for life-long friends.
Bitter enemies would be more accurate.
I spent the whole year feuding with girls I’ve known since before kindergarten.
What’s the point?
I’m twelve years old and my life is over
I don’t know how they’ll make 8th grade worse but I’m sure they’ll manage.


Well wasn’t that just a wonderful experience.
I’m an empty shell, hollowed out as childhood dreams left me one by one.
Middle School took an optimistic, bright-eyed girl and spit out a bitter, cynical teenager
What’s wrong? Don’t you recognize me?
Of course you don’t. I don’t recognize myself anymore.

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