the hunter

November 20, 2009
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The pathless swamp, I tread tonight
Solitude embracing me like a mother's caress

Darkness curtails my sight, but I need it not
My nose can see where there's no moonlight

By dark waters, I bide my time
Crouches under dense foliage and in cold dirt

The bullfrogs croak a broken tune
Their song carries invitation, a beacon

To all parched denizens of this place
My perfectly laid trap

In this place where life and death converge
Scents of flowers and fungi pervade the air

It's harmony at my nose, cannot be denied
Ah! the wind, it tells a wondrous tale

Before a stir of leaves i heard
In anticipation, I shudder, something draws near

My claws clench the moist ground
My pangs remind me there can be no error

Nearer it draws until it breaks the weeds
And...I charge! Catching the unfortunate

Creature by the neck, and snap!
It's life gone, it's blood so warm, welling in my mouth
It's so tangy, so fresh

I sound a howl, a proclamation of victory. Let the owls bear silent witness
This one will live to hunt another night.

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