I'm Not Your "Little Girl".

November 20, 2009
By NASHAYLA:) GOLD, Springfield, Ohio
NASHAYLA:) GOLD, Springfield, Ohio
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I’ve done nothing wrong,
I don’t understand,
So why am I being punished
For being who I am?

You took everything.
Everything I owned.
My music, my phone, my T.V,
This is not what I call a home.

You treat me like I’m nothing.
As if you rule the world.
You can’t keep acting like this.
I’m not your “Little girl”.

I’m growing up, mom.
And there’s no possible way to stop me.
One day, I’m not going to be here.
And that’s when you will need me.

It seems like you always try,
To stop me from seeing the world.
But like I said before, mom.
I’m not your “Little girl”.

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