Self-Imposed Isolation

November 19, 2009
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The walls are black

They're closing in, the air is suffocating
Hyperventilating, but that's just because-

The time has passed

Faster, quicker, the rose is withered
Now the beast wails as the wind sails
Past the castle- that fortress hailed
By all who don't know the darkness inside.
The walls are thin, light can't get in, but sound seeps through
Disturbs the solitude and it is clear that-

Life is waiting

Yes, they are out there
No, they're not far
All it takes is courage to leave the door ajar

Fresh air, breathe it in
This is it now; Sink or swim
Return to comforting loneliness or embrace the torrents of novelty

In the river,

Raging waters unrelenting
Stomach lurching, chest heaving
Caught with my head underwater

Looking up, I see light
But the merciless depths hold me down with no hope of taking flight

A silent scream,
“There's no ending!”
In spite of all my efforts, all the time I spent,
All I get is a cold, wet end
When all I meant was to find an escape from the room,
The claustrophobic nightmare,
The place I will return to soon-
The black hole that is my mind

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