Red Room

November 19, 2009
You find yourself in a red room, with no doors or windows to escape, you find yourself seeking love for someone, and you feel its too late. I knew how you captured my eyes, I knew it the first time I saw you, my stomach churned with butterflies, my mind thought "baby, i love you." But you never thought I did, never thought I would....never told yourself I will protect you with the warmth of my arms, be someone you thought I should. So now you let go of my hand, still wondering if im right, baby, my hand aches for yours, I ache to hold you through the night. But you will never let me be with you, never let me capture your tears, how could you not think I will protect you after all these unforgotten years? Now I sit here crying, by the phone, no sound at all....I just wish you would let me say one thing, I would, the second you will call. But the phone sits gathering dust, I can feel a tear from your soul...I just wish you would call me, settle this before wer're too old. If you will just punch my number in, move your tender lips to form: "I dont want to be apart." Then I would tell you something I was longing to say: "Remember that red room you find yourself in? Baby, that's my heart..."

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JesusFreak20 said...
Dec. 22, 2009 at 2:05 pm
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