Even the best of the best will let you down.

November 19, 2009
By Alice28 GOLD, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Oregon
Alice28 GOLD, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Oregon
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Its hard to defeat someone...who never gives up.

I found out today that even the best of the best will still let you down. Even the people you look up to and want to be like are still people and make mistakes. I’ve learned that sometimes people do unexpected things- and that sometimes the one person you never would have expected was there for you when the people who you knew would be there weren’t. Sometimes you just have to forgive and forget even when that someone doesn’t ask for forgiveness…sometimes you just have to let things go. Even when you don’t want to. Because in truth-people really don’t think that much-people really don’t care. I know its harsh, but well that’s they way life is. And if you grab on to the hope that reality is different you aren’t living in reality anymore. Though is this really a bad thing? That I don’t know. I learned today that even when you think things cant get any worse don’t doubt what the devil can do because trust me. It can get MUCH WORSE. So hang on to whatever hope you have left. Because its all you can truly count on in this world.

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I wrote this on my birthday.

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