I Am a Writer

November 19, 2009
The many broad shores of Earth I love.

The oceans and all their unfathomably, dark and murky secrets awe me.

Dangerously ferocious storms of wind and rain I smile upon.

The raw power and sheer beauty of Mother Nature astounds me.

Creatures of all configuration and size from past and present I hold dear.

Authors of amazing literature satisfy my time.

The ever-expanding heavens unfold many questions upon my mind.

Beautiful places and things of inconceivable proportions I dream of.

Worlds of phenomenal life I create atop my desk.

Through my eyes places and people of many worlds seamlessly fit into one.

I control all in my literature, space, time, events and even the life of others.

The very oceans obey my every command, and vast lands are raised with the stroke of a pen.

Everlasting peace I can give so easily, yet take it all away without even a burden.

Wars of pure terror and hopeless doom I can employ to the lands.

Spasms of thought become ideas, and finally intricate stories of glory and pity.

A God of pure creation I am, for I am a Writer.

Writing is my mission, and I live it with a passion.

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Lookwho'satthedoor said...
Jan. 14, 2010 at 9:27 am
i though \t that this was an amazing poem, it really inspired me to write!
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