November 19, 2009
i need a soul
one that hasnt suffered
my amount of damage
my heart is bleeding
on the inside
you cant see
how deadly this heart can be
i need a friend
someone who is happy
with the way i am
they need to understand
that im done fighting
carry me to the place
i was happy
i need a life
one without sorrows
a life undamaged and whole
the world is cold
it shuts you out in the rain
fills your life with pain
so please take care of me
i need a light
in the darkness
to fight the memories
of sadness
dont remind me
of the time when you left
me standing alone
i need happiness
not the sadness
i have endured
but true joy
the feelings
i havent felt
in a long time
i need a voice
one that will help me speak
one that is fearless
so i can stand up
to the ghosts in my closet
so i can scream
so i can tell about the pain
i need a sheild
inpeniturable, steel
one to find the dragons
i could scare the pain
to survive the cold
i dont know how much pain
i can hold
im not that bold
or even couragous
i quake here in the sadness

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