He is the one (not really)

November 19, 2009
By Anonymous

I hate the way he walks
I hate that he never talks
I hate the gleam in his eyes
I hate that he makes me lie
All this hate makes me want cry
But the sad truth is it is never going to happen
I hate the way he flirts
Even hate when its my closest friend
But what am I suppose to do
What am suppose to say that will change his mind
I know nothing because the only way to ride him of my mind
Is never to watch him while he walks
Never again will I cry over him
This only makes me hate him more
But that’s the only way to stop liking him
Is to hate him that much more
Never will he make me lie
So here it goes
I like that he makes me nervous
I like the way he makes me shiver
Even like the way he talks
But the truth is
He likes someone
I heard him talking with his friends
It makes me wonder is it me
I’m not sure
Will I ever find out
Who knows
I think I know
It is a person I talk to a lot
I’m sure of it
He thinks blondes are dumb
Does he really think I’m that shallow
I will probably never find out because
I don’t want to face the truth
It that plain and simple
Its just that someone to like
When your stuck in high school

The author's comments:
Truth really sucks

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