The Bath

November 19, 2009
By NikolaCullen BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
NikolaCullen BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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The cool water casually invited me,
To visit it so that I
could see how life was under the sea,
And before I knew it, time flew by.
My lungs began to burn,
As my head began to spin,
When the water told me that it was my turn,
To go with my long forgotten kin.
Though the water seemed so wonderful,
I did not want it to be my turn to go.
As everything I saw became colorful,
I frantically pulled the stopper up with my toe,
And before my eyes, everything in the sea began to twirl,
As I instantly heard a sucking sound.
Amazingly, I had given life under the sea a whirl,
And finally the sea receded down.
As I broke free from it,
My face is finally seen above the water.
I suck in the air that I could not get,
And I begin to breath harder,
As I realize that I succeed,
And overpowered the sea,
That seemed so conceded,
To want to keep me.
As the rest of the water goes down the drain,
The sound of the sea is still in my ears.
I stay in the tub unbelieving as if I had been hit by a train,
As my ears hear,
The sea’s promise to return tomorrow night,
Unwilling to compromise,
Wanting to win the fight,
Of me forever closing my eyes,
In the great sea.
And I stand ready this time,
Knowing that it shall not take me,
And I promise that with my last dime.
So tomorrow come,
And as I take my bath,
The sea will not seem so strong and numb,
For me it shall not hath.

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