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All Are Trapped

All are trapped behind their masks.
Whether the hottest, most popular girl in school,
Or the class clown,
Or the macho man everyone is afraid of,
Or the hypocrite- the prefect little church girl who is blind to her own sin.
And so many more.

All are trappped behind their masks.
All continue to wear their masks wherever they go, at school, in public, at work and at play, but never at home.
Only they know what it's like under the mask,
They won't confide in anyone- to them no one really cares.
All are trapped behind their masks.

All are trapped behind their masks, until finally meet The King of Hearts.
Not at all meaning the card from a deck of 52, but the true King of Hearts.
The One True King- that meaning Jesus Christ, and God--The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

All are trapped behind their masks,
They can't remove them on their own,
They need the King of Hearts' help-
Only the King can remove them.
Will they accept His help?

All are trapped behind their masks until they finally meet the King of Hearts.

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