The Key Being Searched For

November 29, 2009
People cry out for an answer, people seek for hope.
Many don’t know what they’re looking for. Some can’t even imagine it.
People live through their minds and not with their hearts.
The world we live in is slowly falling. Everything has to get worse before it gets better. Some know our hope and cling to it. Others wish they could know a fraction of our hope. We hold the key but yet we keep it locked away.
We stand in the way of their hope and we say nothing about it.
People judge us which makes some afraid.
But others still stand tall ready to counter each attack on
themselves and their living faith. For us it is not simply
joy that keeps us going. But truly knowing we have
a hope, a joy, an undying life to live in us, and
most importantly we hold the key to change everything around us.

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