The Starry Night

November 22, 2009
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Swirling stars,
Bright and brilliant;
The sky casts its spell.

A rickety spire
Uncurling towards the heavens;
An empty tear
Stretching through molten light.

Blotchy shapes,
Yellow specks,
A clustered community,
Buried beneath the beauty
Of a starry night.

A longing boy,
Wandering through the streets,
Clinging to the memories,
Of a happier time.

And he peers up,
By the night sky.
Brown mirrors reflecting,
The sight of forgotten sorrow.
He sees before him,
The promise of tomorrow.

A lonely girl,
Sitting at her window,
Clutching at a doll;
Her only friend.

And she looks up,
By the night sky.
Smooth pearls sliding
Down porcelain cheeks,
Caught in the ragged yarn hair
Of a friend who does not speak.

And they gaze up,
In the spell of a beauty
That does not belong
In this world.

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