Endless Chase

November 18, 2009
By SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
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Immortal in thyne eyes
You seemed to be
But as I watch you now
You seem more human to me.
As you struggle in the pursuit of happiness,
It hurts me to see you suffer like this.
You try so hard to win the race
When you travel at an inconsistent pace.
You set a goal and chase it down
But with many previous goals, I question are you bound
Tightly enough to succeed..
The very thing that used to feed your motivation
Is in deprivation.
As your heart sinks lower into the abyss
Your mind & soul start to drift
Why is it so hard? Why must you hurt?
These questions in my mind I want to blurt
Out to the world before I burst
But these answers can’t be coerced.
So I’ll stay to the routine life has rehearsed
Because this is your race to win, and it can’t get any worse
Because you deserve much much better
And when the chance comes, you better go get her

The author's comments:
My friend who is having problems getting a girl.

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