Defining Moments

November 18, 2009
By laneyb GOLD, St Paul, Oregon
laneyb GOLD, St Paul, Oregon
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I am a quote addict. I spend majority of my time writing down quotes I hear.

What is the moment in your life that defines who you are?

Is it the moment you are born? The family you are born into?

Do you live under your family’s name for your whole life?

Are you simply defined as that?

Are you defined by whether you believe in a higher power?

Or is the moment you accept your first cigarette?

Could it be the moment you say no to sex and the temptations of our generation?

Do you define yourself?

Are those thoughts in your head the way other people really see you?

Do the sports or clubs you participate in effect your status?

Or does money influence the way you are seen?

What about your clothing?

How are you defined?

Is it just one moment?

And will your high school image be your adult image?

If you are the football jock in high school, does that mean you’ll be the football jock in college?

If you are the promiscuous girl in high school, does that mean you’ll never be satisfied with one man?

Do your labels today mean you will always be labeled that?

Think before you act.

Who wants to be seen as their bad decisions?

Make wise choices, they are your future.

The author's comments:
I have a difficult time remembering that the choices I am making now will make me such a better person in the long run. While my old friends are making bad decisions, I am sitting home alone, and it will benefit me.

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