November 18, 2009
By SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
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Breathing gets harder
As my vision blurs.
Collapsed on the floor
Catching a glimpse of you.
Too weak to stop it
Too weak to make it better,
All I can do is watch
As your fuzzy outline
Approaches me.
Each step breaks me down
More and more.
Now with you in front of me
I feel like all but myself.
Fearing the upcoming events,
Please someone, Help Me!
The words echo through my head
Because they were only in my head.
As you prepare to end it
I cringe in fear, shame, and loneliness.
In the last few seconds, my sight becomes clear.
“You!” The word manages its way out,
Weak & broken, but filled with shock
To see that it is you.
With the last of my strength
I reach out to touch you one last time,
However, that wish is far from granted
I…I…feel numb.
As my ears ring, you start to walk away
Leaving me only with the sound of my heart beat
Growing fainter, I don’t feel you anymore
I can’t feel anything anymore
Except for the cold slowly engulfing me.
The only regret I have is not telling you the truth.
That I love you.
My heart stops, and my soul slips away into eternity
“Goodbye & Goodnight”

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