November 18, 2009
You put on a show,
Your the main attraction,
center of attention.
You give the audience what they want and please.
Their pleasured faces bring you joy.
What they see and what i see are two different shows.
You put on the act of a lovable, caring, romantic lover.
To bad they can't see your really nothing but a liar.
Your confidence rises as more people "awh".
Understanding love was always your flaw.
It always got you what you wanted.
You show the audience your marvelous tricks and your mastered heartbreaks.
I sit in the audience,
way at the top,
where you forgot about me,
Left me,
along time ago.
ladies beam with excitment as you dazzle them with your charm.
I'm seeing a different show from up at the top.
A show few have seen.
A show about a boy who knew not himself.

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