My Corner

November 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Pages ripple
with water that falls
thighs are scratched
with nails so sharp

Goals aren't met
so why are they made?
friends aren't kept
so why have they stayed?

These four walls
draw the lines
reality stays
my life they bind

The eyes that watch
aren't eyes at all
arms not felt
aren't help to me

But au contraire!
there's hope thats near
I've heard the talk
unreal it seems

Tantalize, tease
you shining lights
my corner is fine
without hou here

THe sunshine leaves me
to fight for myself
Oh how I need
the mask of it's time

Lucky for me
the blankets pull me in
they like me more
than your thoughts pushed out

If I hold on
to that dear, dear rope
the fire can't burn
I'm safe for all time

The hand that holds
rarely touches
if I reached more
just gave it my all

I might
hold on.

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