Mask I Wear

November 18, 2009

A secret life full of cruel deeds,
Not knowing where the chosen path leads,
This journey filled with injustice and sin,
A feeling of constant battle within,
A mask I wear almost everyday,
To chase the inner pain away,
What is wrong? What is right?
Why hurt the people I love? Why fight?
Alas the cure, another me,
To show the other side I cannot always be,
Such an easy way to hide this pain,
So many objects and feelings to gain,
All within this one task,
Meaning no longer wearing a mask,
Life will be different from this view,
Never having to feel like I’m waiting for my next que,
Not living like I’m in a play,
Not living day to day,
But taking chances, being me,
That’s all I’ve ever wanted to see,
If only you knew that it isn’t so easy,
But I’ve found the solution to break apart the inside of me and let me be ME

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