My love can be yours

November 18, 2009
By RainbowMonkey BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
RainbowMonkey BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?

The sun rises, the moon sets but, my love for you stays wet. My undying love yours to have to you my life, my heart, my world but, you lock the door and break my heart. What is this but, a lover's quarrel. A heart deepening love broken to pieces. Can't you see my darling I've forgiven you. Give me your love not your hate. I deserve to know why you hate me so. Let me in my little bird. You've given me a new world. I'm yours for the taking yours to be kept but, only if I've wept you'll let me in. Take me my love beneath your wing let me love you each night. Give me what you have inside that love I want your beauty be denied. Give me what I need, let me nurse your heartache I'm willing to bleed. I'm yours if you want me but, if not let me rot in my own vicious hell. Take me in your arms let me love you during the night. My dear I want to love you, open up to me. Let me fill you with ever joy, laugh and tear. In my arms you will see. The love I have inside for you. Give me your hand girl, I have to let you in. For you my heart is an easy win. Let me teach you how I love. Let me rain kisses down your body. Baby your not some simple flower, your my heart, my soul, my everything. I'll take you in my arms at night and love you till dawn comes. And baby when you reach your peak you'll feel the love I have for you at Dawn's light. You turn me into an animal, a love of love. You open me to many things and your heart is one of them. Let me in my little dove, open your wings and give me your love I want you to know I've found myself in you. Little dove your my world, the human I've been looking for. Even if you were an alien I'd still love you till the end. No matter how many tears I cry, you have to know baby there only for you. I find myself aching for you. Your beautiful smile, laugh, even that sparkle in your eyes. Look girl your the peanut butter to my jelly, the baseball to my bat. If I could see that laughter you have. I'd say baby your still in love with me. Your so far away, miles in fact but, so close I can feel your warm breath against my ear. I need you my world, my coeur, my amour. My lovely dove fly to me bring me your subtle love

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was feeling enlightened and I felt loved by many people

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