November 18, 2009
a blankness that threatens to consume me,
on the inside,
while other emotions ravage me.
love for the people around me.
sadness for all thats happening.
anger for i'm helpless in this situation.
enfrightenment for what might happen.
i try to embrace a blankness,
that'll whipe my body clean of stress,
but my body doesn't seem to want it.
my brains going inot overload,
as my hear tries to regulate me.
what should i do?
continue to pretend this isn't happening?
continue to put on a fake smile;
a front?
i should be used to the emptiness,
that comes with the arguing,
then leaving of my family.
i should be used to the stress,
that comes with the pretending,
that i don't care whats happening.
i should be used to the disappointment,
that comes with life,
though i find it surprises me often.
lifes such a short breath,
filled with so many emotions,
so i must hold my head high,
and pretend nothing bothers me;
pretend i'm allowing a blankness,
to consume my being.

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