he likes me he likes me not

November 18, 2009
By uniqke PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
uniqke PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
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do u like me,or do u not,i dont know what is the deal.you say you want to get to know more about me but then u end up dancing on another girl right in front of my face.dont freak out when i tell you that i might be falling for you,but i really dont even know anything about you.sometimes i think you like me sometimes i think you feel bad for me.there is something about you that is just hipnotizing me and i just dont know what it is.maybe its smile or maybe its the way you dress.it could even be the way your so very kind to me.if i am falling for you,i hope that you are there to catch me.cause i dont want to give you my heart and then have it crushed into amillion peices.the flower pedals are falling,cause i want to know,do you like me or not?

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