The Love Of A C Scale

November 18, 2009
By ♪♫Guppy♫♪ BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
♪♫Guppy♫♪ BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
\"Music is the best exercise you can ever get\" - Unknown..

*+*+Found it in a book*+*+

The Love and Joy of the bass scale
On a bass ?

C? The first note,
It’s how music is wonderfully made.
It labels the scale,
And it's 2nd finger on A

D The lovely open string
That’s so simple to play, a caveman can do it.
It symbols the slow and smooth sound
How music makes the world go round.

E The lonely first finger

It’s how music came around this planet.

It somehow made everything come to be.

It’s 1st finger on D.

F? Raised half a step from E.

First E, than F, than a beautiful tremolo

It’s the fiddled note adding a perfect pitch.

It’s 2 fingers on D.

G the thinnest string, open G.

It loves to sing, loud and proud.

With a high pitch to it, it never dies.

The lonely string on the end, with only one friend.

A Not the highest, but a half step from G.

It’s finger on G, no other string.

Than down to the B.

With G and A.

B one step closer, to being finished.

It’s the beautiful singing bee, up in a tree

A whole step later, the B is gone,

And the final note, C, is here.

C? The final road to success,

It’s the last note on the scale, and now were done.

The peace is over,

But the fun has just begun.

The author's comments:
Its just a C scale,,, C,D,E,F,G... and so on.. Worked hard on it ^^

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