November 18, 2009
By Supra85 GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
Supra85 GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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"It's last call, last song, last dance. Cuz I can't get u back can't get a second chance"

What have we become?
We are pathetic
If someone gets hurt we laugh
There are so many things wrong with that
Everyone gets a divorce now
You are lucky to see a family that has been together since the beginning
People cheat just because they can
High School
It sucks
You have to have sex, do drugs, and drink to be cool these days
Well you know what I say to people like that?
You are stupid
You can ruin your life all you want but I'm not going to be a part of that
Good for you to the people that don't do any of that
That's how it should be
What have we become that making fun of someone is a second nature?
Why make fun of someone?
To make yourself feel better?
Put yourself in the other persons shoes
Everyone makes fun of everything you do
You don't have any real friends
You just wanna be happy but you can't because you are constantly made sad
That's why people kill themselves
We have all thought about it
We have all gone through something that is so hard we just wanna give up
Most of us don't
But some do
Someone told me to appreciate the good
This is something that's hard when there is such little good
But it's something we have to do
Find the good in life
Even if it is small there's some for all of us
Don't try to make yourself feel better with drugs
Do something worth while
Go to church
God is there waiting for you to believe
He gives us obstacles so we can be made stronger
Life is hard
But He's looking out for all of us
That's something we can all believe in

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