The Love of Change

November 18, 2009
Change is something that we all have to deal with
It's sometimes good
It's sometimes bad
But it's always going to be there
Change can ruin your life
Change can make it great
But it's always going to be there
Most of us are afraid of change because we don't want to get hurt
We're afraid to try new things
But its something we all have to do
Change can bring out the best in people
But it can bring out the worst
Change is how we find out what we like
Without change nobody would be happy
Change is how we find love
Some have already found it
Some haven't
Love is a complicated word
It's something you shouldn't say unless you mean it
But most do
Some die inside when they break up
Some don't care
Some kill themselves over a stupid relationship
They think it's all that can make the pain go away
Others find the person they were really looking for
Some cry at night because they feel alone
Some have never been happier in their life
Most people take life for granted
Some live it like there's no tomorrow
Some become successful
Some don't
Some find the right one and raise a family
Some are alone all their life
People don't realize how good they have it till it's gone
Once it's gone there is no turning back
Change can drive a person crazy
Change kills
Change can make people see what's really going on
People need to make the best of change
Don't let change make the best out of you

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