Story of My Life

November 17, 2009
You meant the world to me
But you could never see
You are a selfish brat
I’ll leave it at that
My love for you could be no more
But you just went and closed that door
In my face that door sure hit
And in your face I wanted to spit
But it sure is like that no more
I don’t see what fighting is even for
Someday you will look back and say
If only I could go back to that day
You will see what you did was wrong
And on the radio you will hear a song
It will bring you back to the time
When your life turned on a dime
You lost the guy you say you cared for
All because you let him walk out the front door
You left me, I didn’t leave you
You just kicked me with your shoe
You ran away from what we had
Just enough to make me sad
Don’t say you know how I feel
My feelings are your every meal
I’m not over you, I never will be
Who you’re with next we will see
On the other hand I will not
For my heart and sole are in a knot
You are too stupid to see
I loved you but you never loved me
One day you will see and know
That what you did was cold and low
But by the time you figure out this disarray
I’ll be gone and far away
Never to be seen, never to be heard
Not even another word

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