Dying Slowly

November 17, 2009
im no longer in control
i don't know who i am or where im going
im locked in a world where people kill, where people rape, and where people hurt
im searching for the door
i find it
but theres no key
im waiting to wake up, but soon realize this is not a dream

Alone in the darkness of the world
these 4 walls share my secrets, my pain,my tears
i can hear the devil laughing at me
he sits in a corner waiting for me to fall

He wins.
i have fallen and can't get up
i have no other option but to follow him the dark hole where he came from
i am there lying hopelessly in his arms

no one understands, no one cares
so i stopped as well
i no longer care about what happens to me
i just sit and stare at my 4 walls waiting to die
wondering if there really is an afterlife
and if mine would be better than what it is now

i am being stabbed repeatedly
i feel all the pain but death does not come
i feel my heart turning black with no more emotion

i wonder what is taking so long
so i just here staring at my 4 walls slowly, painfully dying.
because there is nothing else i can do.

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JenniferB. said...
Apr. 7, 2010 at 7:32 pm

this is very good and im not just saying so, you've said that you were depressed and stared at your 4 walls.  Where you alone literally or did you feel alone mentally? If you don't mind answering I would like to know.

(P.S. check out my poem its right ahead of yours on prev article)

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