November 17, 2009
By emmydoll BRONZE, Clinton, Wisconsin
emmydoll BRONZE, Clinton, Wisconsin
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She walks into school,
Her head held high.
She has no hair,
And you hear her sigh.

Love is everywhere,
And the tears they cry.
The sickness and sadness,
Makes her want to die.

She cannot bear the sound,
Or the overcoming sight. -
She looks in the mirror,
And wishes for the light.

The disease takes over,
Killing her inside.
But she knows whose there,
By her side.

God is with her,
Night after night.
Soothing her body,
Holding her tight.

The needles and doctors,
Scare her so much.
Though they help her,
With every touch.

She wants it gone,
For all to be well.
The love and pain,
The tears that fell.

She looks at the stars,
As she closes her eyes.
Will they ever open again?
Or should she say her goodbyes?

Her mother comes in,
Taking her hand.
She whispers goodnight,
And proceeds to stand.

But the girl’s eyes open,
And she whispers: I love you.
The mom's heart sinks,
I love you too.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my friend, whom has cancer, and i now know has very little time to live. She will always be in my heart.

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